What is a Cataract?

What is Cataract A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye. Cataracts can be caused by environmental factors, or as a result to a side effect of some medications, or after trauma. Vision can be affected by cataracts depending on the cataract size and location.

Cataracts can occur in both eyes, but one eye can have a more advanced cataract than the other. Though, cataracts occur commonly after the age of 60, children can be diagnosed also.

What is CataractCataracts fall into three different categories:

  • A nuclear cataract, which is located in the center of the lens, forms a nucleus that often darkens to a yellow and sometimes brown color.
  • A cortical cataract affects the area of the lens that surrounds the nucleus.
  • A posterior capsular cataract is located in the back outer layer of the lens and develops quicker.

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